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Medical Cannabis

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Medical Cannabis comes in two basic types: Sativa and Indica. Each type has its own distinct set of characteristics. The efficacy of cannabis is directly related to strain selection, therefore, we recommend care be taken in selecting appropriate strains to meet your needs. Science is beginning to identify particular varieties that are effective for sleep, pain, appetite, and energy, as well as for specific conditions and symptoms. We suggest that patients keep records of their own experiences at the time of medicating, strain used, dosage, and method of delivery to determine what works best for them. as easy as 1-2-3 !

A patient tracking system and log is provided in this document


As opposed to cannabis sativa, indica plants are normally shorter and stockier, reaching between three and six feet tall. Their leaves are short, broad and deeply serrated and sometimes tinged with a hint of purple and the flowers form in compact, dense clusters. The indica plant has a strong stinky or skunky smell and the smoke in generally heavy and can produce a coughing response.

The medicating effect of indica is predominantly physical, although the relief of certain physical symptoms can have positive emotional results as well. Indicas are characterized as relaxing, sedating, and pain reducing and are excellent at relieving stress. They produce an overall sense of calm and serenity and are very effective for overall body pain relief, allowing a patient to simply sit still. Indicas are generally best for later in the day and before bed.


Strain crosses, or hybrids, are the result of cross-pollination of various strains. The characteristics, and hence, the effects of one strain will usually be dominant. For example, indica-dominant crosses are good for pain relief, with the sativa component helping with energy and activity levels. Sativa-dominant crosses are good for stimulating appetite, with the indica component helping to reduce body pain and increase relaxation.